Can Type II Diabetes Be Reversed With Good Diet and Exercise?

According to new research, the answer is yes. According to the results of a clinical trial published Dec. 19 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, diabetes can be reversed with good diet and exercise. In fact, more people with type II diabetes can reverse their condition if they change their lifestyle. In a study, 158 patients were enrolled. Seventy percent of the patients were men and three-quarters were obese. They were all over forty and weighed at least two23 pounds. They were all of Middle Eastern or North African origin and living in Qatar.

While dietary changes are the most important step in managing diabetes, exercise is also an essential part of reversing the disease. Combined with good diet and exercise, patients can achieve full remission of their condition. The results of the study showed that nearly one-third of the counseling group achieved full remission after one year, while only a tiny fraction of the non-counseling group reached the same goal. While there are many treatments for diabetes, most of them are reversible, albeit with extreme diet and exercise.

For the long-term, the most effective treatments involve lifestyle changes. While some patients are able to reverse their diabetes with diet and exercise, others may require invasive surgeries. Surgery is an option for some people, but there are many risks associated with it. Before deciding to go under the knife, consult your healthcare provider. There are several other options you can explore to help reverse your condition. There are diets based on low calories, which are considered more effective than those high in fat and calories.