Choosing a Bank For an Individual Advance Loan

While cash advances are a convenient way to access funds, they can also be expensive. When choosing a bank for a personal loan, make sure that you have the credit line to make the payments and consider alternatives. Many banks offer personal loans without origination fees and lower rates to existing customers. However, be aware that a bank’s loan application will trigger a hard credit pull, which will temporarily harm your credit score. It is important to set up automatic payment reminders and set up your banking account for automated payments through ACH debit. You should also ask the lender to waive any late fees.

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Another factor to consider when choosing a bank for an individual advance loan is the interest rate. Many people don’t realize that their borrowing costs can skyrocket within a short period of time. This is a common scenario for cash-strapped borrowers. Lenders are happy to hear this, and many of them offer rollover extensions, giving the borrower an extra two weeks to repay the loan, usually for a small additional fee.

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The cost of borrowing can soar very quickly if the borrower doesn’t make the payments. This often leads to cash-strapped borrowers returning to the lender. Since lenders like to see their cash-strapped clients, they often offer a rollover extension to help them make payments. The borrower pays an extra fee, but the lender offers the opportunity to extend the loan up to two weeks.