Do Kids Play With Toys Anymore?

There are many factors contributing to the question, “Do kids play with toys anymore?” Most children tend to stop playing with toys by middle childhood, after which peer pressure and their social circle begin to influence their interest in things other than toys. Some kids will gravitate toward creative programs and sports, but the majority will trade in physical toys for electronic gadgets and online distractions. Whether or not your child is still interested in playing with toys depends on the individual child and the time of day.

One of the main reasons for this decline is the evolution of technology. Today’s children are surrounded by passive and active media, including television, computers, mobile devices, and the internet. As a result, they are growing up quicker and less interested in toys. In fact, the average child will no longer buy a toy until they’re about nine, compared to a year ago when they were seven wotpost.

In addition to being bored with their toys, children outgrow their favorite toys and don’t play with them anymore. This is a normal phase, and parents should not worry if their children are no longer playing with toys. Most kids outgrow toys before they reach their double digits. Children have likes and dislikes, and their moods change, so there’s no reason to keep purchasing expensive toys for them duysnews .