How to Find Cheap Car Insurance in the UK

How can you find cheap car insurance in the UK? The key is to know what your needs are and shop around. If you’re over 50, you’ll find it cheaper than ever to be on a no-fault policy. Then you can compare quotes for the cheapest option. You can also choose to get specialist insurance such as motorcycle and rental car insurance. Ultimately, you’ll save money on your policy and have peace of mind.

Some insurers have featured cheaper policies, but they also have lower cover. This is because they are more likely to feature these on comparison sites than policies with higher levels of cover. To avoid this, make sure the policy you’re considering includes the cover you need. A policy with a lower excess may look great, but be unable to cover the cost of repairs. Fortunately, there are comparison sites that can help you compare policies and cover the entire terrain.

Once you’ve found a few quotes, call them up and see if they’ll match or beat the lowest quote. When asking for quotes, be honest about your mileage and where you park your car. Be ready to challenge the first offer, as insurers are often keen to retain your business. In some cases, the company will match the cheaper quote, or even offer freebies in return for the business.