Is Amazon’s Website Design Awful?

Firstly, the Amazon website design is horrendous. They aren’t responsive, meaning the site won’t fit properly on smaller screens. Furthermore, their dropdown menus don’t show up on mobile devices, and customers need the same menus on mobile devices as they do on desktops. Additionally, they don’t use images of their products and their buttons blend into the background

Next, the site’s navigation is terrible. There are two main menus, one that doesn’t scroll with the user, and one that starts halfway through the feature image. Neither of these menus is scaled down and looks awkward. Secondly, the home page is cluttered with sponsored listings, and there is no uniformity on category pages. While these are minor flaws, they are a turn off for many users

Amazon’s product pages are terrible, too. They have terrible quality control and display unhelpful information. One participant, while trying to search for a dog bed, found that she had to scroll past carousels to find the size information. Moreover, Amazon has a poor design for navigation. It makes navigation very difficult and slow. It could learn from Best Buy and redesign hundreds of thousands of product pages, which is a good place to start