NBA Playoffs 2022

The NBA playoffs 2022 have earned a reputation as being one of the most thrilling and interesting competitions in sports. The playoffs are where the top players shine, and the event in which teams’ reputations are defined. At the end of it, one team wins the NBA title and goes down in NBA history.

During the NBA Playoffs, there are many different betting options to choose from. Here’s a brief overview to help you get your choices together, beginning with the play-in games and ending with the NBA Finals Predictions.

NBA Playoffs 2022: Teams in the NBA Matches

There are 16 teams in the playoffs, 8 each from the two NBA leagues (East and West). Six teams from each conference make the playoffs regardless of their record because of their standings. Meanwhile, that seeded seventh through tenth compete in a play-in competition to decide the last spots

Background of Play-In Tournaments

In 2021, both conferences instituted a play-in tournament to decide the concluding teams that would advance to the playoffs. In this setup, the seventh-placed team faces the eighth-placed team, the ninth-placed team faces the tenth-placed club in the conference in terms of win %, and so on. The winner of the contest for an eighth place will go on to the playoffs.

Whoever comes out on the losing end of that contest will face whoever wins the game between ninth and tenth in the standings to determine the last postseason spot for that conference. Unlike the best-of-seven format used in the real playoffs, the Play-in games only include a single contest.

Seeding Process of Playoff Matches-2022

Usually, the top 6 teams in a tournament are always seeded according to their regular-season winning percentage. And the best overall record of NBA Playoffs 2022 guarantees the top seed. In the event of a tie in overall records, the higher seed goes to the team that fared better in their head-to-head matchups.

If there is a tie here as well, the division winners will be given the higher seed. If neither team has this honor, a conference record will be used to determine to seed. The play-in tournament will determine the seventh and eighth-place finishers. The top seed will face the eighth seed, the second will face the seventh, and so on.

Tournament Guide of NBA Playoffs 2022

Each round of the playoff event is chosen by the team that wins four games in a row in its respective series. The conference semi-finals are the second stage of the playoffs, with the victors advancing to the conference final. Two teams, one from each conference, advance to the NBA Finals.

The NBA Finals follow the same format as the previous playoff rounds, with the champion being determined by the first team to win four consecutive games. In this case, the victors will be recognized as NBA champions. Before placing your money on the team you believe will win the NBA Finals in the Futures market, it’s a good idea to look at how other teams in the same seeding have fared.

Interesting Points About NBA Playoffs

  • The NBA playoffs 2022 typically last for two months, from late April until early June
  • The greatest method to see what will happen next is to look back at the recent past
  • The Houston Rockets are the lowest-seeded team in NBA playoff history to win the championship
  • LeBron James has won 174 of his 266 playoff games played, the most of any player in NBA history
  • More than half of the 73 Championship games have been won by the Boston Celtics and Lakers


Futures markets allow you to bet on outcomes such as the team you believe will win every conference or the NBA playoffs 2022.

Individual games, total games played in a round, over/under, parlays, and game totals to determine a winner may all be wagered on. In conclusion, the potential outcomes are vast, so prepare your NBA playoff picks now.