The Perfect Raincoat: How to Select One?

If you’re a fashion-forward person with a vast wardrobe or a minimalist with a minimalist style an elegant minimalist, a well-made rain jacket should be the essential piece of clothing. If you’ve decided to go for it and purchase one, however, which one would be yours? Perfect raincoat? 

It may seem like something easy. However, there are numerous elements to consider when selecting the right piece of clothing that meets your lifestyle and needs. Don’t let an unexpected downpour disrupt your plans. Read the article to prepare for the challenge and discover the rain jacket you’ve been looking for.

Water-resistant vs. Waterproof Raincoat

As you may have guessed, “water-resistant” means low protection. The material of this type will withstand a slight drizzle; however, a prolonged time in the elements will undoubtedly result in you being soaked. The water-resistant jacket may be coated with DWR (durable water-repellent), that’s not permanent and could require reapplication. This could be the ideal raincoat if you do not have to endure much rain ailovemusic.

Waterproof material, on the contrary, is created with a unique process (such as Gore-tex and similar) and then tested in the labs by using a Hydrostatic Head Test, which is a measure of how high the water column (measured in millimetres) the fabric can hold before it begins to leak through it. Anything over 3,000 mm is considered to be waterproof. 

The number could go as high as even 20000 mm. “Ducktail Raincoats” fabric is waterproof and tested to resist 10,000 millimetres. However, a material exceeding 10,000 millimetres gradually decreases breathability, one of the factors we’ll discuss in the following section.

When searching for the perfect raincoat, it is essential to explore the options offered by wholesale manufacturers. Wholesale manufacturers provide a wide range of raincoat styles, materials, and sizes, allowing you to select the one that best fits your needs and preferences at a competitive price.

Quality raincoats with versatility

This is where we get to the question of what you would use your perfect raincoat for. Nobody wants clothes to serve solely for one use. Consider what conditions you’ll need a raincoat. 

If, for instance, you have a somewhat active life, you may be wearing an umbrella to work in case the weather turns harsh, or you plan to take a leisurely hike on the weekend. If, however, you’re more interested in fitness, like hiking mountains, kayaking, or something similar, you’ll require different rain gear.


If a storm hits you, you’ll likely seek refuge and not enjoy feeling like you are in your sauna. This is why the material’s breathability is a crucial factor to consider when selecting rainwear. It’s measured by the degree to which hot weather dries from the inside of the raincoat and out to the outside. We are happy to announce that our styles are breathable and will not make you sweaty.

The lower rating for breathability indicates that the rain jacket will hold warmer temperatures better, but it could create a shivering sensation of humidity. A higher rating for breathability suggests that you require additional layers beneath to keep warm and cosy.

Additional features for the perfect raincoat

Last but not least are the additional features that a raincoat can have. This includes hood pockets, length, and so on. The hood is the to be the most important thing of all. Be sure it is placed well, is tight, and isn’t slipping off when you tilt your head because it’s not a popular aspect to fix your hood as you continually move through a storm. 

Also, ensure that the raincoat is zipped or buttoned to your chin and that straps can be tightened to the hood, preventing the water from getting to your collar.

Pockets can play an essential role in keeping your possessions dry in the event of rain and giving your hands an extra layer of warmth. At a minimum, they should include a zipper or another flap with snap closures. 

If you’re looking for the perfect raincoat, it’s worth considering options from a reputable manufacturer. A raincoat manufacturer can provide a wide range of high-quality raincoats tailored to different preferences and weather conditions.