What All Can Be Printed on the Back Side of Business Card?

What all can be printed on the back side? There are many possibilities, from displaying your company’s motto to adding a translation in another language. Once you know what you’ll want to put on the back of your business card, you can start filling it out. Then, you can either copy and paste your text or use the horizontal type tool. Either way, you’ll need to select a file location for the finished file and save it.

While printing your business cards isn’t entirely your responsibility, a designer can make the process run more smoothly for you. Make sure to communicate your needs with your printer and ask for an accurate quote before deciding on a particular design and print format. The printer may not be able to print the back side of your card if it doesn’t support that feature. When you’re choosing a paper stock and design, avoid using glossy or textured finishes.

A glossy or matte finish is ideal if you’re printing text on the back of your business card. Matte cards look more sophisticated. However, if you’re printing a lot of text and images, matte or glossy finish is more appropriate. You can also choose a linen or textured card for extra glam. These options may require a special printer, and you should consult your print company before selecting the type of finish for your cards.