What is Anchor Text – In doing SEO (Search Engine optimization?

Anchor Text – In doing SEO (Search Engine optimization), there are many factors that SEO people like us must follow, whether it’s On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO or Technical SEO to help the website grow. 

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Get to the top of Search Engines like Google and one of the important techniques. But pressure is a technique that many people overlook, such as “Anchor Text”, is another important element as well.

But with a little trick and trick. This made many people let go of Anchor Text. Today, Maewsom would like to invite everyone to get to know Anchor Text more about its benefits, types, and how to make good Anchor Text for SEO.

Anchor Text is text that makes hyperlinks on a website that you can click on to other website pages. related You’ll notice Anchor Text is different from other content. On the website from the color of the text to be made blue or bold.

For example, Som Cat writes content about keywords and will make Anchor Text into the article like this >> What is Keyword << This is called making Anchor Text because it inserts a link into the word or phrase that we want in the content of the article.

As for the coding aspect, it can also be observed, for example:

Anchor Text

<a href=”https://www.xxxooo.com”>Tiny dancing horse</a>

Anchor Text about how to create internal links

As we already know, Internal Link is a link between different pages. on the website together This allows website users to click links on one page to other pages. On any website and anchor text is also part of the internal link as well.

Anchor Text is the use of text or phrases to link to other pages on the website, allowing users to see the link of that word. in the article and click to read more content, and on the side of the Bot itself will recognize that How are the pages on the website linked to each other? and how they are related

How Important is Anchor Text in SEO?

In terms of SEO, anchor text is important because Google will use anchor text to help understand that particular website page. What does it involve? How should I rank that page? and see also that we know that From what channels, from referring to other websites through Anchor Text?

  (But it shouldn’t be put until Google sees it as spam, otherwise it may be penalized.) In addition, making effective anchor text also enhances a good user experience for website users ( User Experience), which is one of the criteria that Google also pays attention to. Read more “list your business in the” “free and paid submission to the” “add your site” statistics