What is the best way to find a suitable company name?

The name of the brand is an essential element in the success of the promotion on the market. It’s all in the name to determine if it will become recognized and if it becomes famous and how its target public will perceive it. The significance of this job and the plethora of factors lead to the notion that the process of creating a name is an extremely challenging and nearly impossible task. It isn’t at all obvious at first. In reality, the more simple and clearer the name the more effectively it will be understood as well remembered by an public.

What should you do if you must think of the name of your brand however, you’re left with no suggestions? You may have a lot of options, but are all not suited well. Do you need something distinctive and unique? What do you need to know, what strategies to apply, and where do you look for ideas? That’s exactly the topic we’ll discuss in this article.

Methods of coming up with a name for your company

If you’re facing the challenge of creating the brand name of your choice, there are two options:

  1. Get naming assistance from professionals.
  2. Make your name yourself.

Let’s take a look at what’s to come in each of these situations.

Naming professionals from the pros

In general, entrepreneurs seek this solution from businesses that specialize in the promotion of brands as well as PR agencies and marketing companies.

For a specialist to grasp the essence the work, to be able to sense the essence of the company and to come up with a suitable name the client must give:

  • A carefully written agreement;
  • All the necessary information regarding the business;
  • Make clear your needs regarding the name you want to use in the future.

The process of naming in different businesses may comprise of a variety of stages that are in different sequences. However, generally speaking the procedure is following:

  • Analyzing the audience you want to target. To understand the essence of the audience you are targeting you must analyze it and create the most precise picture of the potential buyer.
  • A Behavioral Analysis of a Potential buyer.

Company Analytics

Once the image of the intended audience is defined in the smallest details then you can move on to the study of the business. In this point it is essential to clarify:

  • What is the essence of the brand name?
  • Principal characteristics of products and services
  • What are the benefits of the business in comparison to competitors?
  • What benefits can the firm provide to its customers?
  • What are the technologies that the company employs in its work.

Name options to choose from

After you’ve established the basis from which to begin, you can move straight to the process of naming. It is a method that requires creative thinking and a different approach. In this phase, a myriad of possible variations of names are considered.

The choice of a name that is suitable

The variations of names uncovered during the initial stage are examined and then filtered through a perception sieve using the following criteria:

  • Phonetic harmony
  • Language and stylistics,
  • The semantics from the term (meaning the word, meaning);
  • New associative sequences that emerge.

Following a decision There are generally several options for naming that are then examined.

Name Test

The names that are selected are then presented to the client with a rationale why they should choose these specific options and highlighting the emotional element.

Each name has to be examined in focus groups composed of members of the intended audience. In this test it is determined whether the memorability of the name, its degree of euphony as well as the ability to reproduce and the emotional impact are assessed. On the basis of these results, test and the results of the test, a “winner” is selected, that will be an official name for the company.

Names that are developed by self-development

There are two methods to choose a name that will greatly ease the process for non-professionals: brainstorming and an enumeration that is logical.

Brainstorm. The basic idea behind brainstorming is that a group of individuals or a group gather and start to present your ideas “throwing” options. This is an extremely efficient methodsince the most innovative concepts are typically born during the process of discussing. In addition, the method of brainstorming is frequently used by professionals such as namers as well as copywriters and marketers. In this way you can begin by identifying the place of the business or the name of the founder or the principal product or service.

Logical bust. The basic idea behind this technique of naming is to filter the possible names based on the following guidelines:

  • Associative sequence that is created when an item is mentioned
  • Keywords;
  • The combination of roots and the prefix.

To speed up the process of the process of naming your business make use of to make it easier for you, use the Turbologo Online Generator. The AI-powered service will choose the most appropriate names for your company and allow you to select the one that is most appropriate for your needs.

That’s all! We hope that these tips will assist you in creating the perfect name for your business!