What is the Lifestyle of a Working Guitarist?

Whether you’re a self-taught guitar player looking for a job or a professional musician who’s already established in their field, you may be wondering: “What is the lifestyle of a working guitarist?” The good news is that there is a lifestyle to fit almost any situation, including one in which a guitar player has a full-time day job. But if you’re a beginner, a career as a working guitarist is probably not for you.

If you’re talented physically and mind, you can start later and catch up. Otherwise, it takes time and dedication to learn a musical instrument. A working guitarist can also play in bands, learn to read music, and attend concerts. Most beginner guitarists take six to twelve months to become an intermediate player, and it can take a few years to become an advanced player. But it is worth it for a devoted guitarist to spend years practicing to become a master.

Practicing and performing is a full-time job, and musicians with two or more years of experience need to make the most of their limited time and resources. Even those with extensive experience can expect to practice for hours a day, and this work is often very demanding. It takes a lot of self-discipline and discipline to get to where they are. It’s not uncommon for musicians to also teach private lessons or find other nonmusical careers.