Why Does the Rock and Roll Lifestyle Always Lead to Drugs?

The rock and roll lifestyle is synonymous with substance abuse, but why does it always result in drug use? While there are no specific reasons for drug use, some people attribute it to personal experience. Whether it’s Jim Morrison’s reliance on substances or the fame that came from his drug use, many musicians justify their use of drugs. Ultimately, drugs do not lead to success, but they can certainly be an unfortunate side effect of the rock and roll lifestyle.

In the 1960s, the rock and roll lifestyle was associated with substance abuse. Fans were constantly exposed to alcohol and other drugs. The musicians who were successful often partied like rock stars. Sadly, high-profile recording artists did not always live a prosperous life. Indeed, many performers struggled with drug abuse and ended up in rehab. Sadly, the industry has long suffered from this epidemic, and the rap and hip hop culture is no different.

Musicians in the rock and roll culture often glorify drugs in their lyrics. In their 1990s hit, Third Eye Blind referenced the effects of drugs on their performance. Meanwhile, Bob Marley smoked a joint on his album cover. Yet the glorification of drug and alcohol use in music is not new. As early as 1930, the Memphis Jug Band wrote a folk song titled “Cocaine Habit Blues,” which praised the drug as a source of comfort. Some rock legends even defended drug use and encouraged it by giving interviews.

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